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Case studies on how tekfort see’s a project through from beginning to end.

Experience Managing IT Projects

From program design and startup through implementation and measurement, Tekfort supports government and commercial clients in achieving program success.  Precise execution of projects and program is imperative to cost containment, sustainability, growth and profitability.  Tekfort has experienced managing a diverse array of IT projects across different industries with the ability to develop a delivery approach that is tailored to fit the needs of your project and your technical environment.  We use a variety of project management techniques from traditional waterfall to the Agile and Scrum methodologies, tailored to fit your specific requirements and culture.  We have access to:

  • Industry best practices processes
  • Templates
  • Models

Multimedia Solution

SportsCom Media LLC is a multimedia company that covers high school sports in Maryland. The company owns two brands and They utilize several reporters and freelancers to cover game events with stories, videos, interviews and much more.

SportsCom contracted Tekfort to develop their website and tools to support their reporters. Tekfort utilized an Agile software development methodology (Scrum) to develop all the different components the compose the overall solution. The solutions were developed on time and within budget.


miaa vsn

Asset Management Solution

Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery sub-contracted Tekfort to support a ground and operations project. A software solution was need to support the inventory of all granite markers. The web application and mobile solution supported the collection of interment information, GPS coordinates, photos, and videos of 18,000+ granite markers. Tekfort utilized a traditional waterfall project management approach to develop the solution.  The solution was developed on time to start collecting the information.

 cemetery solution

Project Management Solution

District Properties is a full scale real estate developer that focuses on the development and restoration of single family homes as well as multi-unit and multi-story condominiums within the Washington D.C. area. District Properties contracted Tekfort to develop a custom Project Management application to support their project managers during the construction and sales of their properties.

Tekfort utilized an Agile software development methodology (Scrum) to develop the solution. The iterative and incremental approach helped to deliver a rich solution on time and within budget.

pjm district final

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