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Sample work of tekfort’s enterprise application solutions.

Deep Technical Expertise 

Tekfort has retained many industry veterans with advance degrees in computer science and related fields.  We have seasoned developers in Java, .Net,  PHP,   Ruby on Rails, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Apache, WeblLogic, Tomcat, as well as integration engineers.  Coupled with our project management team and business process engineers, Tekfort provides turnkey solutions to our clients for all aspects of custom application development.  In addition, our clients may choose from our expertise in the following areas:

  • Business Analysis / Requirements Management
  • Architecture / Design
  • Software Development
  • System Engineering
  • Data Conversion
  • Quality Assurance

Cemetery Suite 

Cemeterysuite.com  is a web-based and mobile software solution for the cemetery industry.  The Cemetery Asset Management solution supports the operation of cemetery processes and management of assets.  Some of the benefits of the solution are:

  • Proof-of-Delivery of Services
  • Proof-of-Installation of Goods
  • Support for Interment Verification
  • Suport for Plot Status
  • Support for Pre-Need Trust Audits
  • Support for Filed Operation Tasks
  • and many more.

 Some of the supported features are:

  • Grave and Section Marker Management
  • Video and Photo Management
  • Organize Contracts, Templates and Forms
  • Manage Reports, Inventory and Work Performed
  • Bar Coding and GPS Support
  • And many more features...



Bracket Helper

BracketHelper.com is a web-based service for creating, managing, publishing and updating tournament brackets for sports and recreational events, as well as any competition which requires a bracket schedule to display and track the advancement and completion of a tournament type event.

With a management interface which is easy to learn and use, you can quickly setup, publish and manage your tournament. You can control every aspect of your event, from setting up participants/teams, to assigning seeds, results and more. You also select the tournament type and determine if you want automated scheduling or a manual setup.

BracketHelper.com is your ultimate partner for creating, maintaining, and publishing your tournament brackets.  Some of the supported features are:

  • Custom Tournament Logo, Headers & URL
  • eMail Tournament Notification
  • Multiple Tournament Types - Single, Double, Round Robin Eliminations, Pool./Groups to Single, Double, & Round Robin Eliminations
  • And many more features...




District Properties PjM Portal

District Properties Project Management Portal is a custom web-based software solution that supports District Properties project managers during the construction and sales of their properties.

Some of the key features of the solution are:

  • Ability to define and save (templates) project phases and tasks for different type of jobs (Rehab, New Construction, etc)
  • Ability to define permits by state (electrical, plumbing, etc)
  • Executive Properties Status Dashboard
  • Centralized Calendar View of all Properties and Construction Phase
  • Multiple Reports with the ability to export them to MS Excel
  • Message Center Tool for Collaboration
  • and many more capabilities


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